Jan Hasenöhrl - Jazz on Screen

Jan Hasenöhrl & Former Beginners | Jazz on Screen

The Loop Jazz Club, Občanská plovárna,

Jan Hasenöhrl has a continuing appreciation for the chance to collaborate with a number of other great jazzmen as has been the case at previous Proms events. Together with Vít Pospíšil, Lukáš Chejn, Tomáš Uhlík and Ondřej Pomajsl, Jan Hasenöhrl has performed music from the films Elevator to the Gallows and Mo' s Better Blues. This, along with a Vladimir Cosma concert, was the inspiration to create the independent Jazz on Screen project which features selected gems from films such as Salut l’artiste, Filc o voyou and other cult classics.
The Former Beginners and Jan Hasenöhrl are back with a vengeance and if you recall the legendary Major Bebee Revival Band, you’re right in thinking that the guys will be delighted to see you there.




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  • Miles Davis, Generique
  • Branford Marsalis & Terence Blanchard, Mo' Better Blues
  • Herbie Hancock, Chan's Song
  • Jerry Goldsmith, Love Theme From Chinatown
  • Phillipe Sarde, Flic ou voyou theme
  • Bill Conti, Uncle Joe
  • Dave Grusin, Jack's Theme
  • John Boutté, Treme Song
  • Burt Bacharach – The Look of Love
  • Dave Grusin, Condor! (Theme From 3 Days of Concord)
  • Gato Barbieri – Last Tango In Paris
  • Vladimir Cosma, Yves at Danielle
  • Charlie Parker, Benny Harris, Ornithology
  • Ray Charles, In the Heat of the Night (composed by Quincy Jones)


  • Jan Hasenöhrl, trumpet
  • Vít Pospíšil, keyborad
  • Lukáš Chejn, guitar
  • Tomáš Uhlík, bass guitar
  • Ondřej Pomajsl, drums