Michal Prokop

Michal Prokop & Framus Five

Mercedes Forum Praha,

Michal Prokop’s poetry set to music has had a major influence on a whole generation of rock music fans. Confronted with boundaries fixed by normalization era politicians in terms of music “appropriateness” along with ideas about which and how songs should be sung, bands inspired by American soul and African-American music fell on hard times. In order to succeed, they were left with no choice but to turn to a poetic language which the era’s leaders had trouble deciphering. With his broad sphere of influence – including work as a composer, guitarist, and following the revolution, also presenter and former politician, Michal Prokop was just the man for the job. Whether you were part of the generation influenced by his music back then or are just curious to learn more about Czechoslovak 80s big beat, then this Framus 5 concert is definitely for you!


  • Michal Prokop, lead vocals, guitar, harmonica 
  • Luboš Andršt, guitar
  • Jan Hrubý, violin
  • Jan Kolář, Lubor Šonka, keyboards, vocals
  • Jiří Šíma, saxophone, vocals
  • Roman Kubát, trumpet
  • Zdeněk Tichota, bass
  • Pavel Razím, drums