Pragasón: Cuba Libre!

The Loop Jazz Club, Občanská plovárna,

Music ensemble set up in Prague at the end of 2000 focusing on presenting authentic traditional Cuban music in the Czech Republic and featuring local artists. The band’s repertoire encompasses a variety of styles ranging from less well-known rhythms such as danzón, bolero and son to more recognised ones such as cha-cha-cha, mambo and salsa.

Concerts often feature shows with Cuban dancers during which audience members are taught the basic dance moves, allowing them to learn more about this aspect of Cuban culture, while play an active role in the concert.

The three to eight-piece band’s most popular numbers include Mambo n° 5, Bésame mucho and Chan Chan. Originally from Cuba, the band’s founder, frontman and singer Jorge Concepcion also teaches salsa alongside performing as a tap dancer, presenter and entertainer.


  • Abelardo Valdés, Almendra
  • Margarita Lecuona, Babalú
  • Enrique Jorrín, La engaňadora
  • Luis Martinez Griňán, Como me gusta
  • Pablo Milanes,  Ámame como soy
  • Pepe Ordaz, Son para ti
  • Consuelo Velazquez, Besame mucho
  • Chucho Valdes, Mambo influenciado
  • Francisco Repilado, Sabroso
  • Guillermo Portabales,  El carretero
  • Gilberto Valdéz & Marion Sunshine, Mango mangue
  • Wayne Gorbea, El yoyo
  • José Claro Fumero, Bemba colorá
  • Francisco Repilado, Chan Chan
  • Junior Cepada, Quimbara
  • Joseíto Fernandez, Guantanamera


  • Pragasón
  • Jorge Concepcion (Cuba), vocal, small percussion
  • Jakub Šelmeczi (CZ), piano, vocals
  • Vlado Ulrich (Peru), trumpet, vocals
  • Eduardo Vielma (Venezuela), percussion, vocals
  • Rafael del Busto (Cuba), percussion, vocals
  • Ricard Tejada (Spain), bass, vocals
  • Marek Prokop (CZ), saxophone (soprano/alto/tenor)
  • Guest: Klára Třicátníková (CZ), dance, vocals


Concert Photos