Rocco Zifarelli

Rocco Zifarelli 2Ways Trio

The Loop Jazz Club, Občanská plovárna,

Rocco Zifarelli, the guitarist of world acclaimed Italian film music composer Ennio Morricone, presents a new project with two of the best italian jazz musicians, dedicated to the evolution of the jazz guitar trio, from the '50 swing bebop era to the modern electronic avant garde, trough the 60's and 70's electric sounds of the Hendrix's power trio and the Mclaughlin's jazz-rock vibes. A journey through the tones of the electric guitar in a two different sets concert, with different setups: the first dedicated to the tradition of the acoustic jazz guitar trio, the second to actual approach to the modern technology and electronics, in a repertory of a mix of rearranged jazz standards, original tunes and some Morricone's titles, adapted for guitar trio.


Instituto Italiano Di Cultura