Vladimir Cosma

Vladimir Cosma

Smetana Hall in Municipal House,

Just think of all those films starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Louis de Funès or Pierre Richard you’ve watched quite possibly never knowing the name of the man behind the music – that of Bucharest born Vladimir Cosma. The composer started out making classic and jazz music primarily from the 70s, subsequently moving to film music. Although Vladimir Cosma was born in Romania, he mostly wrote for French productions including Le Distrait (directed by Richard P., 1970), The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, The Return of the large blonde (directed by Robert Y., starring Richard P., 1972/1974), Rabbi Jacob (Directed by G. Oury, starring Louis de Funès, 1973), Lucky Pierre, The Wing or the Thigh (Directed by C. Zidi starring Richard P. / Louis de Funès, 1974/1976), Animal (directed by C. Zidi, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1977) and many others.
Vladimir Cosma has been presented with a whole range of international awards, including two Césars in 1982 and 1984 for best music in the films Diva (directed by J. J. Beineix) and Le Bal (directed by E. Scola). He was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque in 1983 while in May 2001 picked up the Philip Award Prize for best film music composed in Europe.
In October 2016 and once again this year, Vladimír Cosma celebrated 50 years of his professional career with a series of concerts around France – including Paris, Lyon, Lille and Rouen as well as in Geneva in Switzerland.


  • L’As des As
  • Le Jaguar
  • Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob
  • La Boum
  • Le Jouet
  • Inspecteur la Bavure
  • La Chevre
  • La 7eme Cible
  • Michel Strogoff
  • La Neige et le feu
  • Diva
  • Le Château de ma mere
  • Le Bal des casse-pieds
  • Salut l’artiste
  • Dîner de cons
  • L’Aile ou la cuisse
  • Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire


  • Irina Baïant & Richard Sanderson, vocals
  • David Castro, violin
  • Marius Preda, cymbalum
  • Greg Zlap, harmonica
  • Emil Bizga, trumpet
  • Cezar Cazanoi, ethnic flutes
  • Philippe "Fifi" Chayeb, bass, doublebass
  • Claude Salmieri, drums
  • Hervé Noirot, keyboards
  • Vladimir Cosma, composer and conductor
  • Czech National Symphony Orchestra


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