Prague Proms 2019

Prague Proms 2019

Fifteen years have passed since the first ever Prague Proms concert, suggesting a touch of reminiscence wouldn’t go amiss. Countless big names, concerts and shared experiences have flooded our collective memories over that time, but above all, we prefer to look to the future, and all the exciting projects which lie ahead.

This year we’ve decided to invite personalities from the realms of classical music as well as jazz spanning a mix of outstanding foreign as well as local artists.

Representing the classical part of the festival, we will be welcoming the tenor Ramón Vargas joined by Slovakian Soprano Lenka Máčiková and Marcello Rota who together are sure to delight fans of opera, while with their rendition of Tchaikovsky, the CNSO and Ilya Mashkevich (assuming baton duties) will appeal to aficionados of the romantic genre.

No introduction is required for the unique Epoque quartet who enjoy a solid following and whose concerts stand out for their brilliance, virtuosity and commitment.

Meanwhile the current generation of top-notch trumpeters – Jiří Houdek and Marek Vajo – will be performing baroque music alongside Aleš Bárta at a traditional concert held inside St Barbara’s Church in Kutná Hora.

The festival is set to kick off with The Jeremy Winston Chorale and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, who promise to deliver a generous portion of fantastic gospel at the Smetana Hall!

Jazz typically plays a pivotal role at the Prague Proms and this year we can look forward to hosting the premiere of Thomas Gansch’s bigband, the leader of Mnozil Bras plus a number of other premieres including New York band Hot Sardines as well as Jan Hasenöhrl’s The Loop Jazz Orchestra.

Other features include Ivan Mládek’s Banjo Band, Jazz Efterrätt who will be celebrating their 21st anniversary, plus the legendary Mezzoforte!

Of course there could be no Prague Proms without Hollywood Night. Once again Carl Davis has accepted our invitation and we’ve put together another great evening jam-packed with new features as well as old favourites which delight as much today as they did all those years ago. Soloists are set to include David Kraus, Ondřej Izdný, Lenka Máčiková and more.

Carl Davis has put together another great concert as a tribute to the songs of the Beatles but also the work of its individual members following the band’s break-up. He has called it Beatles and their World. This year we can expect a star-studded quartet of soloists comprising Tereza Mašková, Eva Burešová, Jeremy Winston and Merkell Williams.

We look forward to seeing you at the Smetana Hall, La Fabrika, Kutná Hora, Hybernia as well as the new venue of The Loop Jazz Club at our Hostivař studio.