The Hot Sardines

The Hot Sardines

La Fabrika, Studio 2,

Hot Sardines invites its listeners to experience the era and places when jazz was above all perceived as a form of dance music appealing to the widest possible audience. Calling the band “retro”, however would be somewhat misleading in their case, since Hot Sardines also compose their own tracks along with “hot jazz” arrangements of more and less well-known songs from the last 100 years.

Energetic piano, wild drums and distinctive vocals make for a delightful cocktail captivating audiences at jazz festivals and clubs from London to New York, with such levels of unadulterated joy from playing together that you simply can’t resist coming back for more.



  • "Miz Elizabeth" Bougerol, co-founder, frontwoman, washboard
  • Evan "Bibs" Palazzo, co-founder, bandleader, piano
  • Elizabeth Goodfellow, drums
  • Tom Abbott, saxophone, clarinet
  • Alexander Cowings, tap dancer
  • Noah Hocker, trumpet
  • Alvin Walker, trombone
  • Victor Murillo, bass