Michito Sanchez & Friends

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"As long as I'm still playing music, I'm happy," says Michito Sanchez, one of Los Angeles' top drummers. He stands out in the music scene with his singular talent in creating a unique atmosphere on any occasion, be it studio or live performance. In his performances he’s known for simplifying or intensifying complex rhythms to fit the contemporary sound of pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop and jazz.

In his lifetime, Michito has collected hundreds of percussion instruments from around the world, which he uses in his performances with grace and sheer virtuosity. The combination of his virtuosity and lifetime percussion collection makes for an incredible musical experience. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, becoming a career musician was Michito’s dream. Born to a Cuban-American family, the bongo was a constant part of his household, and became in some ways, his first educational experience. In his later years he attended Los Angeles City College and the Dick Grove School of Music. During his studies, he began to perform and work as a paid musician. Before long, he earned an excellent reputation thanks to his burning desire to play, his immense talent and determination. 

Over the years, Sanches has been invited to a number of projects and has collaborated with noteworthy names such as the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Joe Zawinul, Joe Walsh, Robert Palmer, Herbie Hancock, Plácido Domingo, Elton John, Eric Benét, Michael Bublé or Monica Mancini.

Now, we are delighted to announce that Michito Sanchez will be a guest at the Prague Proms festival and will perform with his musical colleagues that he met during the span of his successful career, whom he now considers close friends.


  • FunkLatinFusion Jazz
  • David Garfield, Brandon Fields, Claire Fisher, Will Kennedy, Alex Acuna and more


  • Michito Sanchez, percussion
  • Vítek Pospišil keyboard, piano
  • Vladimír Kliment bass
  • Daniel Šoltis drums
  • David Fárek saxophone, flute