About The Festival

Prague Proms, one of Prague’s biggest international music festivals, has been running since 2005. For the past few years, it has welcomed tens of thousands of spectators, and has offered the chance to witness an incredible number of top artists from both the Czech and foreign music scene. Audience members had the chance to meet extraordinary personalities within the world of classical music, jazz as well as crossover styles. These included: Vince Mendoza, Danny Elfman, Edita Gruberová, Vladimir Cosma, Ennio Morricone and Natalie Cole. 

 Even in 2024, all audience members can look forward to an original and unique program. World-renowned musicians and conductors will visit the Czech Republic and present concerts in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House, the home of The Loop Jazz Club as well as Convent of St. Agnes. However, the dramaturgy of the festival will not omit spoken word pieces.

The range of performances will start with a concert called Pop Divas led by the American choirmaster Jeremy Winston and accompanied by soloists from his Jeremy Winston Chorale and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The show 
Hollywood Night conducted by Musical Director Steven Mercurio will follow. For the first time ever, this performance will be directed by the viewers themselves, who were, earlier this year, given the opportunity to choose the program of their choice through our social networks. Following on from Hollywood Night, audience members can also look forward to the young phenomenal French trumpeter Lucienne Renaudin Vary, who will travel to Prague to demonstrate her stunning virtuosity with the CNSO Chamber Soloists in Convent of St. Agnes. After this event, is the show Broadway Lights Vol. 2 presented by CNSO and Steven Mercurio. The concert is dedicated to Carl Davis, who passed away in August 2023. Two unique projects will lead on from this dedication, the Czech vocal formation Skety and the Nordic Brass Ensemble, which consists of the leading brass players of the best symphony orchestras in Scandinavia. 

In September, the festival will offer Bio Trio, a peculiar band in which the musicians involved are given the opportunity to experiment and play what they cannot afford to in more conservative projects. A week later, the audience-favourite concert, Reviens Bébel!, dedicated to the immortal Jean-Paul Belmondo, will return to Smetana Hall! The Czech National Symphony Orchestra will be led by Italian guest conductor Marcello Rota and a powerful jazz whirlwind will follow. Meanwhile, in our location The Loop Jazz Club, the Jazz Drink project will take place. This consists of a diverse musical program, which will be complemented by the culinary magic of chef Roman Vaněk and his friends. The day after, the legendary Los Angeles percussionist Michito Sanchez & Friends will perform. This three-day jazz marathon will end with a modern bigband performing its own new repertoire, the Jazz Dock Orchestra. The end of September will include a charming concert version of the theatrical performance of The Little Prince, performed by Jan Cina and Vendula Příhodová and accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and Kryštof Marek. This concert performance is brought to life with the permission of Studio Dva. Finally, the festival will be closed by the Jakub Tököly Quintet, a musical formation featuring an excellent Slovak pianist and composer who is ranked among the most outstanding jazz figures of his generation. 

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you!